How To Cut A Circle In Wood Without A Jigsaw Easy Method

Too many like you, cutting wood in circles without a jigsaw seems very difficult and a source of trouble. There are many professional amateur mechanics who think that cutting wood into circles without a jigsaw is a very difficult and time-consuming task.

But you will be happy to know that there are some methods by which you can easily and in a short time cut wood in a beautiful circle without a jigsaw.

For those who want to cut wood in a circle without a jigsaw but don’t know how to do it, here is another detailed discussion on how to cut a circle in wood without a jigsaw.

Cut wood in circles

Many times it is necessary to cut the wood into circles for different needs. Wood can be easily cut into circles with a good-quality jigsaw, but it is very expensive. So it is not possible for everyone to cut wood in circles with a jigsaw.

Did you know that there are several ways to cut wood in circles without jigsaws? This method will require some tools to cut wood in a circle, but the good news is that all these tools are scattered around you.

The best way to cut wood without a jigsaw

If you want to cut wood in circles for your home or garage without using a jigsaw then you have come to the right place. Because for you we have discussed here some of the methods of cutting wood in circles without jigsaw that have not been discussed anywhere else before.

If you read the whole article, you will be able to cut wood in a very nice way without spending any money on a jigsaw. So let’s move on.

Using a Power Saw

We have already said that the best tool for cutting a circle is a jigsaw. With a good-quality jigsaw, you can create wooden circles very quickly and perfectly. The good news is that you can cut wood in perfect circles using a power saw without a jigsaw.

However, it takes some extra time to cut the wood into circles using a power saw. Moreover, you will need some extra tools. Take a good look at these scattered around you.

What You Will Need:

  • Compas
  • Sandpapers
  • A Piece of Plywood
  • Strong Wire Nail
  • Power Drill
  • Power Saw

Set Up Your Work Station

You need to prepare a place for cutting wood in circles without a jigsaw and keep all the necessary equipment there. Then your chances of doing the job successfully will increase many times over.

If you have built a workstation and have all the tools you need, now you need to collect a piece of plywood from which you want to circle. However, the piece of wood must be 2 inches long. Then you can easily cut the circle.

Draw The Circle

Draw a circle on the wood in the proportion you want to cut the wood in a circle. Draw a circle in such a way that it outlines what you want to cut.

You must use a good quality compass for accurate and precise circle size. I have been using the best compass on the market for a long time for the right circle shape.

Drill a Pilot Hole

If you are interested in a round piece of wood that can be lifted and not a large outer piece with a hole in the middle, you can cut from the side. However, if you need large wood to fully protect the entire cut-out circle of wood, you need a pilot hole to cut.

Now drill a hole on the piece of wood that is near the outline. The power blade will enter the circle through this hole and it will start and end cutting. You can drill multiple holes next to each other.

How to Begin Cutting?

This time you start cutting from any of the outlines. Once one side is cut, change the position of the wood and keep cutting from the other side.

If you cut from the outside of the circle, it will meet an outline near the parallelogram. Doing so will help you to easily cut and transfer the outline without difficulty making circles.

Cutting The Circle

Even after cutting the wood in a circle, you will see that it is not a perfect circle. But the circle needs to be absolutely perfect and perfect. So this time, with the help of Chisel, make the piece of wood perfect by rubbing.

Smoothing The Edges

Even after cutting the circle perfectly, the edges of the circle remain rough. For this, you need to smooth the edges of the circle with sandpaper. Moreover, if the circle is not completely round then you can round the circle with sandpaper.

The best way to fix the parts of the circle that are not perfect is to use sandpaper. Moreover, you can use a sanding block to do this.


If you follow this method, you will be able to cut wood in circles without a jigsaw. Of the many methods, the one we have described here is the simplest and most effective. And you don’t need a jigsaw to cut wood in circles this way.

Now you must know how to cut a circle in wood without a jigsaw. If you want to cut wood round without a jigsaw and avoid time energy and wood waste then you can definitely follow this method.

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