Best Dead Blow Hammer Reviews | Top 5 Picks 2021

A dead blow hammer should be the first thing to look for while shopping for home tools. Now, while most people would usually go for a claw hammer—which picks up on almost every kind of work—you’ll also find hammers that are suitable for a more specialized type of work. With all this variety, it might get tough to choose one.

And that is where we come in. This article will help you evaluate your choices and help choose the best dead blow hammer for you and your work. Along with that, we also have a buying guide lined up in case you wanted something from our list. So, let’s jump in.

5 Best Dead Blow Hammer Reviews

Here, we have put together reviews of 5 dead blow hammers that we deem to be fit for use for any type of work. So, here goes:

The first dead blow hammer on our list would be the one made NEIKO. They are well-known among people who love spending their free time working at the shed.

Most of their products are very helpful to their users since NEIKO does take user feedback into account. So, let’s see what this dead blow hammer has to offer.

Firstly, the hammer has a head filled with steel shot. So, that makes a difference in exerting force. Thanks to this kind of head, each blow of the hammer comes down with more impact, making using it in work a whole lot easier for people.

Moreover, it eliminates rebounds and spark. It is ideal for auto body work since this kind of work needs a lot of force.

Secondly, the hammer has amazing material quality. The poly-molded unicast body makes it more durable and long-lasting.

This kind of body composition prevents the wear that happens between the hammerhead and its body. Additionally, it also prevents sparks on impact.

Thirdly, it’s also versatile in case of use. The Neon Orange color makes it easily locatable in the shed, making it easy to differentiate from the other tools around your work.

Moreover, you can use it to get by your work seamlessly, be it woodwork, auto bodywork, or sheet metal bending. Furthermore, the diamond textured grip makes it easier to hold.

The Good
  • Steel shot filled head for more force
  • It eliminates rebounds and sparks
  • Unicast poly-molded body prevents wear
  • Bright color makes it easily locatable
The not so good
  • Not made for work that is too rough, only light work


This hammer is perfect for an average user or someone who wants to start using a dead blow hammer for their work.

The hammer comes with features that prevent all sorts of problems, so beginners won’t face any issue while wielding it and working on wood or their car bodies.

The next hammer on our list is by TEKTON. Similar to NIEKO, TEKTON is also a well-known brand for making quality tools. They have always made products at the best prices so that all sorts of people could make use of their products. 

And this hammer is no different. We found it impressive, so let us see its features.

The first feature that caught our eyes here would be the way its grip is textured. They used something called the Anti-slip grip that uses a textured handle. This handle ensures that the hammer handle does not easily come off your hand.

The diamond tread patterns let you hold on to it with a tight grip so that the hammer does not slip off.

The second feature that caught our eyes here would be its steel shot head. Similar to the first one on our list, the head of this hammer also allows you to put more force into your blows on surfaces.

This feature makes work more comfortable for everyone, no matter who you are since, a force multiplier of sorts works here.

The third feature that we would like to highlight here would be the layer of defense put on it by manufacturers to make it more durable.

The hammer has protection provided by the high-impact poly jacket that encases the all-steel head and handles. This material helps prevent the wear between the head of the hammer and its body.

The Good
  • Anti-Slip diamond textured grip to help in holding the hammer without slipping
  • Steel shot head helps in putting in blows with more force
  • Poly jacket coating prevents wear
  • It eliminates post-strike rebound
The not so good
  • Good for light work, but not suitable for heavy work


TEKTON has made this hammer to be usable for anyone who wishes to work on their projects. So, it’s best for light work and such. In the case of heavy jobs, it does fall short. So, be sure to keep the work limited to light jobs.

For the third entry on this list, we have a hammer by the brand Capri Tools. The users highly recommend most of their tools, thanks to their well-rounded performance and how Capri Tools acts on their customer feedback. 

They have done the same with the C099 dead blow hammer as well. So, let’s see what this hammer has to offer to all of us.

Firstly, this hammer also has a steel shot head, but this time, the head, works like a canister. So, strikes come with more force and but not at the expense of the surface. 

That means even forceful blows will not mar the surface. Moreover, this also takes care of post-strike rebound.

Secondly, the hammer has a round grip for a better ergonomic experience. It doesn’t have a diamond textured grip like the other hammers in this list, but the ergonomic design makes the hammer feel easier in the hands. 

So, you can easily use it without wearing your hand out. Lastly, it has an Advanced Polyurethane coating so that surfaces are not damaged beyond repair.

The Good
  • The steel shot canister makes the blows effortless
  • It takes away chances of rebounds
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Advanced Polyurethane design to prevent surface damage
The not so good
  • It doesn’t work well in freezing temperatures


The C099 is a dead blow hammer as good as any other, but its ergonomic design is perfect for people who have to be careful while using their hands in heavy work that needs force to be exerted.

We have a hammer from OEMTOOLS as our fourth entry on the list. It is not as well known as the rest on this list. However, OEMTOOLS has made some fantastic tools throughout its time as a business in the tool industry. 

And, in our opinion, they have done a great job with this hammer as well. So, let’s check out the perks we get from this one.

For starters, OEMTOOLS has made this one with high-quality rubber. This rubber acts as an excellent insulator for force and instantly eliminates any possibility of sparks and other dangers that we face while doing this kind of heavy work. 

Moreover, the rubber-made grip is the anti-slip kind. So, you can grip the hammer perfectly while working with it.

Additionally, you can use the hammer for all kinds of purposes in your house and the shop. 

So, you can focus on your woodwork and work and move on to some auto bodywork right after you’re done, with the same hammer.

The Good
  • Made from high-quality rubber
  • Anti-Slip rubber grip to help you hold the hammer better
  • The coating eliminates the chances of sparks
  • Versatile in nature
The not so good
  • Susceptible to bounces with too much force


This hammer is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to switch their hammers while switching between work. It comes with both fine quality and features that make work effortless. So, the average user would face no issues.

The last entry in our list is by none other than kirton themselves, with a hammer from their Basics line of tools and accessories. Now, we all know kirton for the company that they are. 

And we also know that they try to give us the best with their products. So, let us see what this one has to offer.

The first thing that caught our eyes about this hammer is the high-impact poly jacket coating. This coating helps prevent markings and marring on the surface that you put the impact on. Moreover, it also prevents vibration shock so that you face no issues.

Along with all that, the steel shot-filled head also delivers powerful strikes that make work effortless for pretty much everybody. Additionally, it has a non-slip diamond textured grip so that you can hold on to the hammer better. 

The Good
  • High Impact Poly Jacket coating prevents marring of the surface
  • Steel shot-filled head helps in making powerful strikes
  • Prevents vibration shock
  • Ergonomic handle with diamond texture
The not so good
  • Please don’t use it for heavy work


kirton has made this hammer a complete allrounder that takes all the good features of the first four and puts them together. It is a perfect addition for everyone.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Dead blow hammers are specialized to minimize the damage that you throw on a surface. So, when you are working with nails on wood, you would not want the whole piece of wood to crack off. 

And this is where dead blow hammers come in to play. So, there are a few things that you should keep an eye out for when buying one of these. They are:


Firstly, you need to look out for the quality of your dead blow hammer. These hammers come in different shapes and sizes. But, at the same time, you will find dead blow hammers of various materials.

Now, the quality of this material does change the focus of things. For example, a steel shot-filled head will add extra force to your hammer.

Additionally, the hammer coating is also crucial since it will take care of how the hammer handles wear and other similar factors. So, first, see if the hammer is of appropriate quality for you to use. 

Once you are satisfied with the material it is made of and its coating, move on to the next factor.


The next factor to look at here would be the comfort that these hammers provide. The handles of these hammers are made with materials that are easy on the hand. That is because you have to exert a lot of force to make proper use of them. So, you need to take the material of the handle into account.

Handle texture is also an important aspect when it comes to comfort. That is primarily because this texture helps with the grip on the hammer and makes holding it effortless. So, the better the combination of the handle material and the texture on it, the more comfortable you’ll feel using the hammer. 


Secondly, you need to look at the number of places you can use this hammer. The more places you can apply this hammer, the more value you get from it. Some hammers can help you do your woodwork, auto bodywork, and sheet metal forming, all at the same time. These hammers are versatile. And thus, they seem like attractive packages.

But sometimes, you’ll need a hammer specialized for your work. In that case, versatility shouldn’t be the first thing that you think of. So, this factor entirely depends on the kind of work that you are putting in.

Final Words

And that was all we had on dead blow hammers. We hope this helped you find the best dead blow hammer for your work and made the process of choosing a whole lot easier.

We would appreciate any type of feedback, so feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions for our work. 

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