Filling Nail Holes in Prefinished White Trim 5 Easy Steps 2021

If you take a good look, you will see small boro holes in the nails in the white trim of your home or office. The beauty of the trim is lost for these nail holes. So it looks bad to see your white trim.

Failure to fill these nail holes can ruin the beauty of the trim and make it look ugly. So if you want to get a smooth beautiful white trim then you must fill in the nail holes. You will be happy to know that you do not have to spend much money and time filling nail holes in prefinished white trim.

You can easily remove small nail holes from your white trim after this article. Because here are 5 easy ways to fill nail holes from trim that can’t be found anywhere else. So you can start working right now by following us.

Usually nail guns or finish nail guns are to be used when installing all kinds of baseboards, windows, door trims. So many types of holes are made when installing the trim.

However, no special equipment is required to fill these nail holes and it does not require much time expense. There are some things to consider when buying a filler for your white trim. So we discussed it in detail. So stay with us.

Why Do You Need To Fill The Nail Holes In Your Trim?

We don’t want to see small holes in our white trim which looks very annoying. So to enhance the beauty of our trim we must fill the nail holes in the trim with the right materials and it is very important to do so.

Otherwise, if you think that if you paint with paint on the trim without filling the hole of the white trim, the nail hole will not be visible, then know that this is your completely wrong idea.

It is completely foolish not to fill the nail hole depending on the painting. Even if you need to spend a little money and time to fill the nail hole, your final result will be satisfying.

Many times the size of the trim hole is small depending on the shape nail. However whatever the type of trim hole, the trim hole should be filled with a suitable filling to get accurate and longer-lasting.

How to Fill Nail Holes in Prefinished Trim?

Filling the nail hole in the trim is a very easy task. But if you don’t do it the right way, you’ll waste a lot of time. Nails make holes in the trim very badly so you can finish the job much easier if you follow the right tools and the right method. And the nail holes in the trim will be closed forever.

Necessary Materials:

The good news is that no expensive tools are needed to fill the nail holes in the trim. The task can be accomplished with the help of a few tools.

But since we are talking about white trim here, you need to take a filler that matches the shot of white trim. Otherwise, the nail hole will be filled but it will not look good.

  • White Wood Filling Compound
  • Fine-grit Sandpaper
  • Putty knife of 2-inch
  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Hand Sanding Block

If you want to fill the nail hole with white trim, save the filler cream wisely. Choose a filler cream that blends easily with white trim. This time you mix colors and fillers together to create colors according to the trim.

5 Easy Ways to Fill Nail Holes in Trim

Here are 5 simple ways to fill a trim hole. No one else has discussed these. If you follow this procedure and fill in the holes in the trim, it will remain intact forever. And the beauty of the trim will increase a lot.

1.Apply White Wood Filler With Your Fingers

As we said before, white trim has many types of holes, big and small. However, no tools are required for small nail holes in the white trim. You can easily and quickly fill small holes in the middle of the trim with your fingers.

To do this, first, insert a small amount of filler into the nail hole with your fingers. Once the trim hole is filled, remove the excess filler. Then notice again that if any more holes are found, fill them in the same way.

A small amount of filler is needed to fill the small holes in the white trim. Once all the holes in the white trim are filled, clean the excess filler on the hole with a clean cloth.

2.Use A Putty Knife To Apply White Wood Filler

Although small white trim holes can be filled with the fingers, the method of applying fillers with the fingers is not effective for large holes. The hammer is used to drive the nails in the white trim, so many large holes are created.

If you want to close large holes in the white trim, you must use a good quality putty knife. I’ve been using the Warner 1-1 / 2 “ProGrip Stiff Putty Knife for a long time to fill the big holes in the trim.

This is a great tool for filling trim holes. Since you need a suitable tool for deep holes you can try using it.

However, if you want to fill a deep hole with a putty knife, you must first take a small amount of filler at the edge of the knife. Then fill the entire hole with light pressure by applying it to the nail hole of the trim. Remove excess filler when all holes are full.

3.Fill The Hole With Fingers And Sanding

This way if you want to fill the nail hole in the trim you will need best sanding. I always use Dura-Block AF44A Black 6-Piece Sanding Block Set. It works great. However, it is important to sand the holes with your fingers before using the sanding.

Once the pores are sanded, use a water-based white wood filler instead of a solvent-based filler. When the filler is dry, close the protrusions using your fingers and sanding.

4.Sandpaper For Proper Finish

Many times sandpaper is required after filling the hole with fingers. Water-based fillers do not require much sanding. However, after filling the nail holes in the trim, sandpaper must be used for smooth and clean trim crossing.

140 or 220 grit sandpaper is most suitable for this. With this sandpaper you can finish the job very quickly. After filling the nail hole, the hole areas with the filler need to be sharpened until the trim is smooth. Once the white trim is smooth, make sure the trim leaves no residue.

5.Dust Removal

Now what we will mention is the last stage of filling the hole of white trim. While filling the nail hole there is some dirt accumulated. This dirt needs to be removed. So you need to clean the place with a clean cloth.

It is best if you use a tack cloth to clean the page. Tack cloth for cleaning dust particles is made with a special kind of tissue. You can use Trimaco 10506 SuperTuff Tack Cloth. It gives great results. But you have to be careful when cleaning with a tack cloth. This is because the filler in the hole can get up when cleaning with high pressure, so you have to clean carefully.

What is best way to fill nail holes on white trim?


Your filling nail holes in prefinished white trim for this we have mentioned here the 5 easiest steps. If you follow our article you will be able to fill the nail hole in a very short time without spending any special money. This is very easy to do you just need to fill the nail hole with filler. The beauty of your white trim will be multiplied if you are able to fill the holes in the white trim.

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