How To Cut Pavers With A Wet Saw – Easy 5 Methods

Pavers can be cut in a very short time with a wet saw. But many people do not know How to Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw perfectly. Do you want to cut pavers properly with a wet saw?

Your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. I have described in the article the best way to cut pavers and how to do it. So read the whole article.

We use pavers to enhance the beauty of the porch or patio when building a house or garage. Then we need to cut pavers by design. There are many people who worry a lot about cutting pavers because cutting pavers seems like a lot of trouble to them. If you are one of them and think that cutting concrete pavers is a very difficult task then I say you will be surprised to read this article.

Because I have nicely discussed here how easy it is to cut pavers. The simple method of cutting pavers I have described here is not found anywhere else. So let’s get inside.

What Is The Best Way To Cut Pavers?

Wet saw, miter saw, the circular saw can cut pavers perfectly in a short time. There are many ways to cut pavers, but I will mention the easiest way to cut pavers here. This method allows all professionals and amateurs to easily cut pavers without any hassle.

But before cutting pavers, make sure you have safety clothing and the necessary equipment. Below is a list of tools needed to cut pavers:

1. Paver wet saw

2. Square or straightedge

3. Pencil

4. Work Gloves

5. Dust mask

If you have all the necessary tools to cut pavers, you can start cutting pavers now. If you need any other equipment, you can buy it from here.

Best Way To Cut Concrete Pavers

A wet saw is one of the tools used to cut pavers. If you have the best paver cutting saw on the market then you can easily cut pavers using the following method.

Step 1: Draw Stains On The Pavers With A Pencil

First of all, you have to be sure where to cut the pavers. This time draw the line with a pencil the way you need to cut the pavers. This allows you to cut pavers to the right size quickly.

Step 2: Position Cutting Paver

They have fully rest against the back lip of the saw’s sled. Align the cutting line with the wet saw blade. Once you have positioned the saw, slide the sled back.

Step 3: Prepare The Saw For Cutting Pavers

At this stage make sure to keep the saw on a flat surface at your advantageous height. This time fill the stream with water up to the spillover line.

Step 4: Start Cutting Pavers

This time set the blade of the wet saw where you will start cutting the pavers. And hold the pavers against the sled. Make sure your hand is away from the saw blade. Now gently push the sled and cut the pavers in a steady manner.

Step 5: Retract The Sled

After cutting the pavers, slide the sled back. Remove the pieces of cut pavers. When the pavers are cut off, turn off the wet saw.

You can cut different models of pavers with a good quality wet saw but notable models are 24 * 24 cutting concrete pavers and 12 * 12 cutting concrete pavers. The first model is best for cutting coarse stone and brick and the second is best for cutting bench-type precision.

Can You Use A Wet Saw To Cut Pavers?

Yes, you can use a wet saw to cut pavers. With a wet saw for cutting pavers, you will be able to cut pavers very easily and in a short time. Bench-type pavers are usually cut with a wet saw. It can be used for many other purposes besides cutting pavers with a wet saw.

I have been using 111 wet saws in my garage for a long time. This device is extremely comfortable to use. However, when cutting pavers, soak wet saw blades with water to reduce heat and dust.

What Kind Of Saw Is Used To Cut Pavers?

3 types of saws are used for cutting pavers.

1. Circular saw

2. Miter saw

3. Wet saw

If you want to cut pavers with a circular saw, you must use a diamond masonry blade. Because thick stones and bricks are cut with a circular saw. Using a diamond masonry blade can cut coarse stones and bricks in a very short time.

Miter saw is used to cut special types of pavers. Large stones are cut with a miter saw. You must be professional to cut pavers with a miter saw.

A wet saw is a tool that can be used by both professionals and amateurs. With a wet saw, you can easily cut pavers with different designs. It is extremely comfortable to use.

Can You Put A Diamond Blade On A Wet Saw?

Manufacturers do not allow the use of diamond blades in wet saws. Because diamond blades are specially made for use in circular saws only. So you can only use the diamond blade in a circular saw.

How To Mark Pavers For Cutting?

It is very important to mark before cutting the pavers. If you want to get the perfect cutting, you must mark the pavers. You will need a pencil and a scale to draw marks on the pavers.

This time, draw a line with a pencil on the pavers to the size you want to cut the pavers. And cut pavers following those spots.

You must follow correct marking procedure for each type of saw you are using. The marking process for cutting pavers by hand also not similar to using a saw.

Can You Cut Paving Slabs With A Circular Saw?

Yes You can Cut Paving Slabs With A Circular Saw. Hand saws are commonly used to cut paving slabs. Paving Slabs are very strong so it is recommended to use Circular Saw. However, be sure to use a diamond masonry blade before cutting the paving slab with a circular saw.


Cutting pavers is a DIY project. This is what all professional amateurs can do. But the most important thing is to have a wet saw to cut the pavers. A wet saw is one of the most versatile tools. With this tool, you will be able to cut pavers perfectly in a short time. So in order to get an efficient and precise cut, you must have pavers with a good wet saw.

By now you must have understood How to Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw. The method of cutting pavers that I have discussed here is the process by which all professionals cut pavers. The process is much easier and you don’t have to be skilled to cut pavers in this process. I hope you can cut pavers now. Let us know if you have any comments about this article.

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