Makita Xph11zb Review 2021

Many years ago, a variety of tools were made for human work. Tools were made to make human work beautiful and easy. People of earlier times used to dig holes with a chisel to make a hole in something. But now many modern tools for perforating walls or wood are available in the market. Makita xph11zb is one of the most widely used tools available in the market. We have Makita xph11zb review in detail in this article.

With the advent of Makita xph11zb, it has become one of the most popular devices in the world. Many Makita devices are available in the market but in a short time, xph11zb tools have gained popularity. Because the manufacturers have created these tools in such a way that people can easily use these tools to do the work they need.

And the manufacturers have made this device keeping in mind the needs of the people. So it has already become an extremely popular tool. If you are interested in these tools and you want to know all the information about Makita xph11zb then you have come to the right place. We have discussed the Makita 18v drill set in detail in this article.

Item Weight1.99 pounds
Dimensions3.6 x 7.8 x 9.3 inches
Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Torque350 Inch Pounds
Speed700 RPM
Battery Cell TypeLithium Ion
The Good
  • Small, light, powerful, and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • It is also loud and has a rattle sound
  • Dual LED Includes an efficient brushless motor
  • driving solution with superior comfort and handling
The not so good
  • The contractor bag looks like an ice cooler

Makita Drill Set

We already know that the Makita drill is the best drill. Makita made a 12 volt Makita drill before making this drill, and this drill became very popular for being lightweight and light but after catching some of its problems so Makita makers decided to update this drill.

Makita LXT Sub-Compact 1/2″ Hammer Drill Review

The most popular tool among cordless power tools so far is Makita xph11zb. The design and power of the Makita compact 18v LXT drill have been made to the liking of the customer. The Makita 18v compact drill is lightweight and compact and easy to use. Even this 18 volt Makita drill has a brushless motor which increases the battery runtime more than any other drill.

The Makita compact 18v drill has two motors that generate high speed as soon as it is started xph11zb This drill is small and light so it can be easily carried anywhere. Makita xph11zb This drill is very strong so the speed is much higher which can make quick holes in less time. Due to the high voltage battery can work continuously for a long time.


The special qualities for which the Makita sub compact has become very popular with everyone are explained in detail below.


Makita xph11zb When I first bought it I was worried about its quality but when I started using it I was very happy to see the power of xph11zb. This is a very nice and comfortable drill. Many are satisfied using this drill. xph11zb is far ahead of other drills in terms of design and speed.


Makita xph11zb The speed of the drill increases very fast due to the high battery voltage. The speed of xph11zb is 700 RMP which is much higher than all other drills. Due to its high power, it can penetrate walls and make holes very quickly. Speed transmission of Makita xph11zb (0-500 and 0-1,600 RMP) (0-7,500 and 0-25,500 RMP)


The attractive design of Makita xph11zb Became a best seller as soon as it came into the market. The design of xph11zb is very interesting. The compact and ergonomic design of the xph11zb drill is only 8-15 / 16 “long which is not found in any other drill machine.

Everyone is comfortable holding it by hand for the compact design of the xph11zb drill. The design is beautiful and fit, so working long hours is not a problem at hand.


Makita xph11zb This drill weighs only 2.9 pounds which is much lighter than other drill machines. There are usually many more problems with hand pain due to the heavy volt drill machine being heavy. So the manufacturers have made this drill only 2.9 pounds. So people will not get tired if they work with drills for a long time.

Is Makita sub-compact any good?

Yes. This is a great subcompact drill. This 18-volt drill is very strong and long-lasting. With 700  RPM speed, the work can be done very quickly. And it is comfortable to use, so the Makita sub-compact drill is really good.

Is The Makita LXT Brushless?

Yes. Makita LXT brushless drill. Being an LXT brushless, it is capable of generating energy very quickly.

What is the most powerful Makita cordless drill?

Makita XPH11ZB Most Powerful Makita Cordless Drill. The 350-inch pound argument, advanced 18-volt battery, and 700 RPM speed make it the most powerful Makita drill ever. In my experience, the Makita XPH11ZB seems to be the most powerful drill.

Are Makita Tools Made in USA?

Yes. Makita equipment is manufactured in the United States. They have been successfully doing business in the United States since 1985. It is a popular organization in the United States.

Are brushless drills better?

Yes. A Brushless drill is best. These drills generate energy without rubbing against anything because they do not have brass. And can generate energy quickly. That’s why a lot more speed is available.


There are many models of drill sets in the Makita drill set, but this model is the most used xph11zb. It is very strong for battery power and motor but relatively light and its handle is very attractive. Makita xph11zb has quickly become a best seller for its attractive look and functionality.

I have been using the xph11zb model for a long time. To me, it felt very comfortable and of good quality. In this article, we have Makita xph11zb review and tried to describe the details of the xph11zb model in detail. After writing the above, you must have realized that the xph11zb model is an ideal device to use for your work.

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